Some of the Companies Using RosterApps

Why do companies choose RosterApps?

All your schedule changes and time-off requests are handled by our real-time system that you can set up to follow your organization's rules and that can be accessed from anywhere. Employees can manage their own schedules within the boundaries of the rules you establish.


Manual schedule changes and paper work are eliminated.


All scheduling information is in one place and available from anywhere


Rules based on your policies are consistently enforced.


All schedule changes are recorded in history for easy dispute resolution.

RosterApps Does Workforce Management...

100% Web-based application

Employee self-service including shift bidding, vacation bidding, trade requests, time-off requests, overtime requests, etc.

Intuitive and user friendly

Supervisors can approve/deny requests, assign overtime, mark employees late/absent, etc.

Automatic Email and text notifications

Flexible rules that can vary by work group or even individual employees

Administrators can create shift/vacation bids, manage employee information, etc.

RosterApps can be integrated with your current Time & Attendance system and Human Resources Information System (HRIS) for even greater efficiency.

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